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Short Excerpt From Chapter 2 of “Down the Rabbit Hole”

The following is a short excerpt from Chapter 2 of “Down the Rabbit Hole”.  Enjoy!

We arrived at the restaurant fifteen minutes till seven. Sitting in her Camry, we went over the plan one last time.  If Erica didn’t like the guy, she would signal me.  A few minutes later, I would call her cell with an emergency that she couldn’t ignore, and we would meet back at the car.  Easy enough.  I got out of the car and went in to find a seat at the bar.  As I walked in, I casually looked around the place.  Sitting by himself at small table was a guy matching Zach’s description.  He seemed to be watching the door and waiting for someone.

After ordering a drink, I called Erica’s cell.

“He’s here,” I said.

“Well?” Erica’s voice was excited and nervous.  “What does he look like?”

“He looks good.  Not a model or anything, but he’s nice looking I suppose.  He has really nice hair.”

“I’m coming in.”  Her voice trailed off as she hurriedly hung up on me.

Erica’s last message to Zach said that she would be wearing jeans and a hot pink top.  He recognized her immediately when she walked in the door.  She looked at him anxiously as he raised his hand to get her attention.  Nodding to the hostess as she passed, she hurried over to the small table.  He stood up to greet her and held out his hand.  I was immediately impressed by his manners.  This is good, I thought.

“Hi, I’m Zach,” he appeared to say.  I couldn’t quite read his lips and I didn’t want him to see me staring.  They were both smiling as they sat down and started to talk.

By the time their food arrived, I had finished off two drinks and ordered a third.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Two drinks is definitely my limit, and I’m pretty sure the bartender was mixing them strong.  He was definitely flirting and may have been trying to get me drunk.  As it became obvious that Erica and Zach were hitting it off, I recognized a gaping hole in our plan.  She and I rode together, and she had the keys.  My only hope was that things start to fall apart or they at least leave separately to meet again another time.  But that was not Erica’s plan.  Her plan was to get laid.  Her plan was to lose her virginity to the first decent guy that she could find.  Crap!

I finished a third drink and nursed the fourth through the rest of dinner.  I could see them sharing a chocolate fudge cake.  One cake, two spoons…smiles all over.  I stumbled as I climbed down off of the bar stool to head to the ladies room.  Shit.  There is no way I could have driven even if I had the keys to the car.

Once safely in the ladies room, I sent Erica a text message.  “You good?”

“Yes!  Great!” she finally responded, as I anxiously waited for the woman occupying the only stall to finish her phone conversation.

Etiquette be damned, I was very drunk, a little frustrated, and I had to pee.  I banged on the stall door.  “Can you, please, hurry up in there?”


Bam, Bam, BAM!

“There’s someone in here!”

At that point, I just wanted to go home.  As luck would have it, right there on the ladies room wall, was a poster.  “Too much to drink?  Don’t be a statistic.  Let us drive you home”…followed by a phone number.  My ride would be there in ten minutes.

I banged one last time on the bathroom stall door….BAM, BAM, BAM!!!  “Bitch!”

I went over it in my head as I walked out the ladies room door…ten minutes till my ride arrives and fifteen more to get to our apartment.  I will never make it.  As I stood, motionless, pondering the inevitable embarrassment of pissing my pants in the back of a taxi, I saw, right there in front of me, the men’s room door.  It was surely that last drink that reduced my inhibitions to the point of action.

Without hesitation, I pushed the door open and went inside.  A quick look around revealed that I was alone. Thank God!  As I closed the stall door, I caught a glimpse of the urinal directly across from me.  I dropped my pants as quickly as I could and sat down onto a thankfully dry seat.  Although, if I had waited a second longer, it would have been wet by my own doing.

I sat quietly for a couple of minutes trying to collect myself for the ride home.  Through the crack in the stall door, I could see the urinal.  It intrigued me.  I had never seen one in person before.  Suddenly, I felt like a bad girl…like a real tramp…hanging out in the men’s room with my pants around my ankles.  I’ve got to get out of here, I thought.

Just as I buttoned my jeans and pushed the handle to flush, I heard the door open.  Holy shit!  I could just barely see through the crack…it was the bartender who’d been flirting with me and pouring me doubles.  He glanced around the men’s room and, without much consideration, walked up to the urinal.  I watched him from behind as he unzipped his pants and shifted his body as he pulled his penis out.  The whole thing was surreal.  I was in a public men’s room secretly watching a strange man take a piss.  But I have to say, It really turned me on.  I mean, I guess everyone has a little voyeur in them, but I was really getting off on watching him.

I can’t say what made me do it, because, to be totally honest, the details are a little fuzzy. But, I opened the door and walked out like I owned the place. I walked over the sink.  As I washed my hands, I watched him.  His gaze didn’t waiver from that narrow area that is acceptable while standings at the urinal.  I suppose it’s some unspoken code between hetero males—that everyone simply keeps their eyes on their own business.  I very likely could have walked out of there without him even noticing that I was a woman.  But, instead, I waited for him to finish.  Before having a chance to zip up he glanced to the side just long enough to catch a glimpse of me in his peripheral vision.  Startled, he instinctively jerked his body to face the urinal more closely.  “What are you doing in here?”

I ignored the question.  “Hi.”  I smiled.

“You were at the bar, right?”

Again, I ignored the question.  Looking down I asked simply, “What do you have there?”


“What do you have there…in your hand?”

His expression began to change.  Obviously he thought that his flirting had been successful and I had planned this little men’s room rendezvous.  “What do I have…right here?”  He nodded toward his open fly.

“Yes.  What do you have there?”  I genuinely wanted to know.

With newfound confidence, the bartender turned slightly toward me so that I could see.  What he had was a very nice looking dick hanging from his open pants.  I said nothing.  I simply stared at it.  I stood there, motionless, staring at this stranger’s dangling member…in the men’s room.

Two short steps, and I was standing right up against him.  I smiled, looking up into his face, and slowly reached my hand out.  I paused for a moment before touching him.  What am I doing? I thought. I took his flaccid penis in my hand and squeezed gently.  The look on his face was priceless.  I continued, as if his charming flirtations, accelerated with a few stiff drinks, had turned me into a wanton whore…hanging out in the men’s room waiting to fuck him.

Still I said nothing.  I stood there, my body pressed against his, and I looked down at the rapidly growing penis in my hand.  I squeezed it slowly and tugged down its full length until it began to swell and harden.  Once it had become fully engorged with blood and could be described as nothing less than a huge raging cock, I looked up at him and licked my lips.

“Gotta go,” I said with a smile and walked out the door.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” is available for purchase on Amazon and is FREE to KU subscribers.

Trish has known Erica since the third grade, and has always been protective of her. As Erica finally begins to explore her sexuality, things get complicated; and it becomes unclear who is protecting whom—and from what. Their relationship is put to the test as the truth unfolds, and Trish struggles to maintain her tenuous grip on reality

A whirlwind of sexual adventures, lies, deceit, and tragedy plunge them into a darkness from which they may never return.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” Available on Amazon

Today, I published my first story for public consumption. “Down the Rabbit Hole” is a short novella and Volume 1 of a series I’m calling “The Basement Diaries”. It’s currently free in Amazon Unlimited, or $2.99 to buy. Check it out.  I’ve had a difficult time choosing a category. For now, I’m calling it Erotic-Noir-Fiction. Here’s the blurb.


Trish and Erica have been best friends since the third grade. They’ve helped one another through some truly trying times and fully expected to be best friends forever. But as the two become fully immersed in adulthood, they struggle to redefine their relationship in new terms…terms that sometimes defy definition or even reason.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” documents their erotic adventures, through one psychological twist after another, on their paths to inevitable self-discovery.

…and the cover…