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Selena Kitt’s “The Sybian Club”

I was recently reading some submissions on Literotica and came across a few chapters (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of Selena Kitt’s “The Sybian Club” which later became available as a complete book. I haven’t read the completed book yet, but I may just have to–despite the cover. The chapters available on Literotica are excellent, well written, and, oh-so hot. Kudos Selena Kitt.

Originally published over 7 years ago, “The Sybian Club” is a fine example of what a quality back-catalog can do for a writer.

Starting from Scratch


“Down the Rabbit Hole” has been available on Amazon for a while now…three weeks to be exact. I’m more than a little disappointed by its uptake. During that time I’ve had a grand total of TWO reads on Kindle Unlimited and ONE purchase with a review. These are all by people that I know, so they don’t really count. At least one of the KU readers won’t post a review because she shares her KU account with her mother and is embarrassed about reading “smutty” books.

Although the book definitely has a story and attempts to deal with some pretty serious subject matter, I can’t say that its placement into Amazon’s erotica category is wrong—it also has plenty of very explicit sex. However, Selena Kitt’s recent post about Pornocalypse 2015 would suggest that this is not a good way to get a book discovered. It won’t show up in standard searches and is more or less treated like Amazon’s dirty little secret (which brings them a hefty sum of cash by the way).

How does a book which could never  be considered ‘family friendly’ get discovered by potential readers? I don’t know the answer to that question. I feel that my writing is strong, but I have zero experience in literary promotion.

So, I’m submitting some short stories to a few anthologies put together by more established publishers, and I’m moving ahead with Volume 2 of The Basement Diaries. I’m also trying to get involved with online communities.

It’s all pretty tough when you are an unknown author especially if you’re using a pseudonym. I’m basically starting from ground zero with no friends, family, or social network to get things rolling. It’s like I was only born a few weeks ago.


Uncharted Waters – Submitting to Rose Caraway’s Call for Submissions

I’ve decided to submit a story for Rose Caraway’s  “Tonight, She’s Yours” call for submissions. The topic of the anthology is cuckolding. The topic is one that, I must admit, doesn’t really do it for me. However, not to be discouraged by a challenge, I took the writing prompt and ran. In the end, I think I’ve come up with a very interesting take on the subject. I’ve finished my first draft, and I’m letting it rest before revising and submitting a final version.

Wish me luck.

Rose Caraway is on Facebook, @RoseCaraway on Twitter, and on the web.


Why write explicit depictions of sex?

“Why write explicit depictions of sex?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times. The short answer is, “I don’t really want to.” What I want to write are stories which speak the truth about the human experience. As it happens, sex is a pretty big part of that—a gigantic part actually. So, then the question becomes, “How do you write a story about the human experience without including depictions of sex?” Of course, it can be done. History is full of examples. Some skirt the issue, hiding behind innuendo and vagaries, others simply avoid the topic altogether.  The approach very much depends upon the social conventions of the day. I think I could do that, but I don’t think it would be honest writing. When I write about human relationships, when I’m really trying to dig into them and lay them bare, sex inevitably rears its head.

Maybe, it’s just me.

My Writing Style

I make no apologies. My writing often contains explicit depictions of sex and adult situations. But, you know what? I’m an adult, and I write for other adults. There are plenty of books available for young people and plenty of books written for older people who choose not to acknowledge that part of themselves. I write a different kind of story—one in which adults do adult things and behave in adult ways…usually.

I also try—I try very earnestly—to write interesting characters and put them in interesting situations. I try to write smart, sexy stories with compelling plots.

I like sex. No, scratch that. I fucking love sex, but I don’t usually write just straight sex. It’s almost always in the context of more complicated motivations.

Sometimes, I have to be very deliberate and reign myself in. My natural instinct is to write grand sentences with sophisticated punctuation. That’s not always the best way to describe a hot young coed getting plowed by her Chemistry professor. Sometimes, a story needs a little Charles Bukowski thrown in to keep it honest.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” Available on Amazon

Today, I published my first story for public consumption. “Down the Rabbit Hole” is a short novella and Volume 1 of a series I’m calling “The Basement Diaries”. It’s currently free in Amazon Unlimited, or $2.99 to buy. Check it out.  I’ve had a difficult time choosing a category. For now, I’m calling it Erotic-Noir-Fiction. Here’s the blurb.


Trish and Erica have been best friends since the third grade. They’ve helped one another through some truly trying times and fully expected to be best friends forever. But as the two become fully immersed in adulthood, they struggle to redefine their relationship in new terms…terms that sometimes defy definition or even reason.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” documents their erotic adventures, through one psychological twist after another, on their paths to inevitable self-discovery.

…and the cover…