Very Very Necessary – Now on SmashWords and Amazon

Recently, I posted Very Very Necessary, a short story, on this site for the enjoyment of anyone who cares to partake. Also, very recently, Down the Rabbit Hole finally ended its 90 day foray into Amazon’s KDP Select program, an experience which I found to be less than enjoyable for a multitude of reasons.

So, in an effort to get my feet wet with SmashWords, I’ve made Very Very Necessary available on SmashWords with their very intriguing ‘User Sets the Price’ option. You can purchase if from the SmashWords site here, and pay as much or as little as it’s worth to you.  I really like this idea. It’s essentially a tip-based system with SmashWords managing the tip jar for you.

I’ve also published Very Very Necessary on Amazon for 99 cents, not their KDP select program. Amazon does not offer a Pay-What-You-Like or even a permanently free option.

So, you can read the story here in your browser for free, or get it from SmashWords for free (or whatever you wish to pay) in a format friendly to the e-reading device of your choice .