Very Very Necessary

I wrote the following short story (~4k words) as a submission for an upcoming anthology. The requested topic was challenging for me—cuckolding is not really my cup of tea. However, I decided to take the challenge, and “Very Very Necessary” is the result. In the end, the story didn’t make the cut; but, to be fair, it may not have actually met the criteria for the kink.

by Wade Esley

Clint fidgeted nervously as he stared into his coffee mug. Like clockwork, every four weeks he was forced to endure this torture. For the next three days, his wife would have sex with as many men as she could manage. He fucking hated it. It was totally necessary, but he fucking hated it.

When he and Cheryl had signed up for the colonization program, they thought it would be a fresh start for them—for their marriage. They could put behind them all of their previous problems. They could get far, far away from his overworking and from her infidelity. They could forget their arguments over where to live and how often to make love. Months of couples therapy had brought them to the final breaking point. They were forced by their own weaknesses to accept that their relationship was doomed. Regardless of how much they truly did love each other, they just couldn’t get past one another’s transgressions. Then, like a life preserver thrown to a drowning couple, it came. A small flyer in their post box held the one true hope that they could really start over.

“Adventure and Freedom Can Be Yours,” it said. “Live a life of wonder and excitement…far from the troubles of Earth.”

They agreed, that was the answer. They would start over on Mars. Decades of terraforming had paved the way for human colonization, and they could be among the first to go. They would sell everything and run away—not just to another town or state, but to another mother fucking planet. They would farm the newly revitalized soil, and maybe even start a family. And, it worked, at least for a while. What they hadn’t counted on—what no one had counted on, was the war back on Earth. A goddamn war started up six months into the colonization program, and all future flights to Mars were postponed indefinitely. Of course, indefinitely became permanently once the first nuclear missile was launched. On Mars, no one was sure who fired the first salvo. Early transmissions from all sides blamed one another. But, after a couple of weeks, all communication stopped.

There hadn’t been a transmission from Earth in well over a year when the governing council on Mars decided to push for re-population. Clint voted for the measure. He fucking hated the idea, but there really wasn’t any choice. If they couldn’t establish a sustainable population, the entire human race could be lost. No one knew if there was anyone left alive on Earth. For all they knew, the few thousand colonists on Mars were the last humans in the universe. So, it had to be done.

Cheryl traced her hand across Clint’s shoulders as she walked behind his chair at the small round table. She sat in the seat closest to him and reached her hand for his.

“We’ll get through this,” she said. “We always do.” She smiled at her husband, knowing the torment that he was experiencing. By far Cheryl’s primary contribution to their problems back on Earth was her tendency to stray from their marriage bed. She was just so damned horny, and he worked too damn much. Her ravenous libido is what initially brought them together really. But, paired with Clint’s lack of availability, it ultimately threatened to break them apart. Now, after sacrificing so much to put that all behind them, they were forced to have sex with other people…lots of other people.

The next few days were Cheryl’s. She was at the height of fertility, and she needed to mate with as many different candidates as possible. Hopefully, one of them would plant the seed of life within her. She and Clint had a single child, a daughter, during the first year of re-population. But, in order to guarantee genetic diversity, she needed to have several more children sired by different men. They had developed a very logical schedule for the whole ordeal. Everyone involved had to—it was the only way to keep things fair between partners. Clint’s extra-marital excursions were, by necessity, spread out during the month; and he did enjoy them, quite a lot. What made Cheryl’s encounters so much more difficult, was the orgiastic nature of the thing. She could, if willing, be fucked by many men in a three day period, and several at a time if she chose. But, she and Clint had worked out a system that they could both live with—even if it was still a bit difficult at times. They learned early on, that they should try to make the best of the situation. To that end, Cheryl had sole discretion in deciding with whom and with how many men she would have sex during her fertile period each month. Clint would couple with an equal number of female partners by the end of the month, and the entire cycle would start over. It worked for them. After fucking like mad for three days, Cheryl had little interest in other men, for a short while anyway.

“The spare room is ready. I was about to get dressed and head down to the bazaar.” Cheryl said to Clint as she squeezed his arm. “Would you like to help me pick something to wear?”

Clint looked up from his coffee and stared into her sparkling green eyes. “Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” he said. “No. It doesn’t matter. You look amazing in just about anything.” A hint of a smile crept into his expression. Leaning closer, he whispered into her ear, “I love you.”

“And I love you,” Cheryl replied. Her touch lingered on his arm as she stood, her fingertips trailing up his bicep, until, finally, she turned and walked out of the room.


When she returned, she was wearing a lovely dress covered in flowers that came just above her knee. Clint hadn’t heard her enter the room. He stood with his back to her, washing the breakfast dishes and stacking them to dry.

“Ahem,” Cheryl cleared her throat.

Clint turned at the sound. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her. She was positively radiant, his beautiful wife. He tried not to think of the other men. He tried not to think of their hands on her soft skin, their mouths exploring her tender flesh. But, it was difficult. “The dress is beautiful,” he said. “You’re beautiful.” He tried to think only of her, only of her pleasure, and re-assured himself that this whole thing was quite, quite necessary. She smiled teasingly and spun around. The dress whirled and lifted around her, revealing the tops of her white stockings as they met her smooth skin. Clint was so, so very happy that such things as garters never went out of style, and that Cheryl had managed to bring her favorites with her on their initial trip. If she had waited, had them shipped later, they may never have come. She laughed and ran over to him. Jumping up into his arms, she giggled like a school girl. Clint took her plump round bottom in his hands and pulled her against him. The smell of honey and jasmine filled his senses as he nuzzled his face into her neck and hair. “You better go,” he said reluctantly.

Cheryl felt his cock begin to harden against her thigh. “I love you,” she whispered one last time before stepping back.

As she stepped outside the door of their small home, Clint watched as Cheryl pulled an oversized straw hat onto her perfect blond head and closed the door behind. In the brim of the hat was a bright green flower. The green flower was the symbol that fertile women wore when they were seeking partners. Available men wore a red ribbon, armband, or scarf. A man could approach a woman, to a point. But, it was generally accepted that the woman was in control of the situation. She had final say concerning with whom she chose to fraternize, and with how many.

Cheryl preferred to start with a single suitor early in the day, partially in deference to Clint, but mostly because she liked to pace herself. As necessary as the whole process was, she couldn’t help enjoying it. She loved Clint with all of her heart. She really did, but she always had difficulty controlling her lustful nature. Even if, back on Earth, he hadn’t been such a workaholic, she would have had a hard time staying faithful. Even with their fresh start on Mars, even before the war, she was already feeling the temptation to take other lovers. She just couldn’t help herself.


Cheryl strolled through town with a casual eye. She liked to play hard to get, even though the heat within her fertile loins was almost too much to bear. To be honest, the word town is a bit generous. Frankly, town was no more than a few small shops and cafe’s scattered about, fashioned from the pre-fabricated sections brought from Earth’s moon in the months leading up to colonization. Most of the local economy was driven by individuals trading in different crops, food-stocks, and any other such necessities that a person could derive from the local resources. There were permanent tables set up in the town center for trading and selling. That single open-air market was responsible for eighty percent of everything traded in the colony, and the only place people could mingle and meet one another. Every day, people went about their lives buying and selling the necessities of life. Some women wore green flowers and some men wore red bands. The rest paid them no mind. For it would likely be them wearing the marks of breeding in the days and weeks to come. It forced a degree of acceptance and discretion on everyone.

Cheryl absent-mindedly fondled some fruits and vegetables as she made small talk with the man behind the stand. “Is it ripe?” a voice asked from behind her.

Cheryl felt the anticipation like an ache between her legs. She turned slowly to greet the source of the inquiry. Standing close behind her was a tall young man. He had piercing dark eyes and shortish curly hair the color of chestnuts. His skin was bronze from the sun, and he wore a red ribbon on his shirt collar. He grinned at her as she looked blankly down at the squash in her hand. “Yes. It’s ripe.” she said. She felt silly for being nervous. After all, she was in control. But his dark eyes seemed to stare right through her, to the very depth of her soul. As though his stellar good looks weren’t enough of a turn on, he was new. She had never seen him before, which was quite rare. With such a small number of people, everyone knew just about everyone else—or had at least seen them around. But, he was brand new to her, and gorgeous. Damn, she thought. Clint won’t like him at all. His gaze caused her to burn from within, and she felt weak in the knees. She stared nervously up at his perfect smile and his perfect hair. “Everything here is ripe.” she blurted out. Jesus, Cheryl, how cheesy. Just shut up and take him home.

“My name is Thomas,” the young man said, reaching his hand out to greet her.

“Cheryl,” she replied. She shook his hand briefly, and then turned to walk away. Thomas stared after her, confused. She turned her head slightly, looking back over her shoulder. “Are you coming?” she asked. Please, come…please come… please, please.

Thomas said nothing, but followed quietly behind.


Clint was tending to the vegetable garden as Cheryl walked up the path toward the small cottage. Her suitor followed silently a few paces behind. Clint glanced up from his work as they approached. Damn, he thought. That was quick. “Back already?” he asked.

“Yes,” Cheryl replied. “Back already.” She wanted to tell him how excited she was to have found such a treasure so quickly. But, the expression on Clint’s face was less than welcoming to such information. “This is Thomas,” she said, waving to her suitor.

Thomas reached out his hand. “Nice to meet you, sir.”

Clint reluctantly shook the strangers hand in return, the whole time keeping his eyes on Cheryl. She was grinning a bit too much for his taste.

“We’re going inside. Would you like to join us for a cup of tea?” Cheryl asked.

“No,” Clint replied. “I need to finish some things out here.” He knew she was trying to be considerate, and he did love her for trying. But he was in no mood to make small talk with Thomas. It’s very very necessary, he kept reminding himself. It’s very very necessary.

Cheryl led Thomas quietly through the door of the small home. As they passed through the kitchen, Thomas commented, “Don’t you want that tea?”

“I don’t want any fucking tea, Thomas,” she retorted. “I want you inside me.” She pulled him by the hand as she continued down the dim hallway to the guest bedroom. Once inside, she quietly closed the door behind them and turned the lock with a ‘click’.

The small room was cozy enough. It was sparsely decorated with a few items made locally. The only thing Earthly in the room was the quilt on the bed. It had belonged to Cheryl’s great grandmother. “I’m sorry the bed isn’t bigger,” she apologized.

Thomas stood directly behind her. “It’s fine,” he said calmly. He put his hands on her shoulders, turning her to face him. He stared with an indescribable intensity into her green eyes. She hadn’t looked directly at him since the squash stand, but the same feeling overtook her as before. She felt completely overcome with lust. Heat radiated outward from her loins through her thighs and stomach.

“Damn,” she said under her breath. “Damn,” she said a second time dropping her hands to sooth the ache in her womb. She pressed against her body with the palm of her hands, kneading her own flesh like dough. Her hands roaming from her tummy down to her thighs, digging veraciously at her pussy. “Damn!” she said again. In one crystalizing moment she recognized a fear within her, a fear that Thomas might really make her lose control of things.

Sensing her nervousness, Thomas raised his hand to her face and gently, very gently, tilted her chin upward, while bringing his face close to hers. Cheryl’s mouth opened slightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist and their lips met. He pressed his warm mouth to hers slowly, pulling her breath into him and lifting her body to meet his. His tongue writhed into her mouth like a serpent, pulling a gasp from deep within her. She tried to meet his eager tongue with her own, but felt faint and dizzy. Somehow he had lifted her into his arms without her even realizing it. He laid her gently on the bed, still devouring her mouth with kisses and nibbling her tongue and lips.

When he pulled away from her, Cheryl resisted his departure. She reached for him, desperate to cling to his every touch. He stared down at her from the bedside with that piercing gaze, and she melted into the bed, writhing in exquisite agony. Her hands roamed wildly over her body, franticly anticipating the return of his touch.

Thomas smiled calmly, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, not for a moment letting his gaze drift from Cheryl’s face. Unable to wait a second longer, Cheryl moved closer and grabbed and tugged at his pants, unbuttoning them and ripping the zipper down. His white linen shirt slid from his shoulders as she tugged at his pants, jerking him from side to side as she pulled them down over his slender hips. Cheryl was seething with lust for him and seized his cock the moment she saw it. Moaning aloud, she moved closer still to the edge of the bed and took it into her mouth, devouring it as if it would bring her back from the brink of starvation. She held it in her mouth, sucking in and out as it slowly began to grow thick and hard. Thomas looked down at her and gently brushed the blonde curls from her face. When their eyes met, Cheryl squeezed the base of his cock in her fist and sucked ferociously, swallowing it down her throat. Further…further…and further still…until she had to release it and gasp for air. She panted and caught her breath as the tip of his thick wet member rested against her lips. After only a moment, she once again engulfed it with her soft lips. But Thomas pulled back, letting it slip from her warm embrace. She looked up at him, hurt and aching to have it once again in her hungry mouth. “No, my sweet,” Thomas said. “You know it can not be that way.”

Of course, he was right. He must plant a seed in her that it may grow into a tiny human. Gently, he pushed her back onto the bed. With his now hard cock glistening in the warm morning light, Thomas traced his fingertips slowly up the inside of Cheryl’s calf, making her tingle. Tiny electrical pulses danced along the surface of her skin, drawing his gentle touch upward. Upon reaching the hem of her dress, just above her knees, he gently nudged the inside of her legs with the palms of his hands. Like a marionette, her legs responded to his masterful directions. As they slowly opened, she gathered the fabric of her dress about her waist, revealing her soft thighs and the garters which held her stockings in place.

Thomas climbed deftly on the bed. Kneeling between her feet, without looking up, he slowly caressed her legs, trailing soft kisses from her ankle upward. He made his way deliberately, up her calves, past the gentle curve below her knees, kissing first one side then the other. Cheryl gasped aloud as his tongue traced the delicate skin above her stockings. Thomas hesitated for a brief moment to look up at her. His eyes melted her insides. She felt the wetness begin to escape her burning pussy, and trail down her outer lips. Thomas pushed the flowery fabric of her dress further up with both hands as he resumed gently nibbling at her inner thighs. Cheryl wore no panties, and he could smell the subtle musky scent of her desire as her legs parted further. Finally, with her fully open to him, he slid both hands under her and firmly pulled her bottom upward until his tongue met her smoldering pussy. Cheryl cried out at his touch. His tongue deftly slithered between her soft lips, tracing her slit from the bottom up, stopping just before touching her sensitive clit. He pulled back for a moment to place slow kisses against the soft curly blonde hair of her mound, then nibbled along the edges downward along the soft skin of her inner thigh. He pulled at her pussy lips with his mouth, sucking and licking her wetness.

“Please!” Cheryl cried aloud, squeezing and tugging at her breasts through the thin fabric of her dress. “I can’t stand it. Please! Please, make me come!”

Clint heard her voice through the open window. He cringed instinctively. But after a few moments, he allowed himself to imagine his beautiful wife thrashing about on the small guest bed in ecstasy. Thomas, to him, was a dark ambiguous figure. Only his beautiful wife in transformative bliss mattered. As he worked the Martian soil, the sounds of her moans provided some solace. He hated that Thomas was with her, but he loved her and reveled in her pleasure. His cock stirred slightly as he heard her gasp aloud, and he worked the rake delicately around the roots of a tomato plant.

“Please!” Cheryl cried again. “Oh, God, Please!”

Thomas paused for a moment to admire her. Her hips pushed eagerly upward to meet his hungry mouth, and the expression on her face was nothing short of crazed lust. She looked exquisite. In one fluid motion, he slid a finger deep inside her hungry cunt and sucked her swollen clit into his mouth. She bucked wildly against his face, pulling frantically at his tousled curls. He met her eagerness with groans of approval and flicked his tongue quickly up and down across her little nub. Hardly missing a stroke, Thomas whispered into her soft muff “Come for me, my sweet.” With those soft words, Cheryl’s body began to spasm with orgasm. Her breath became fractured, and her cries of pleasure peaked to the point of anguish. She screamed in ecstatic release and pulled desperately at Thomas that he may fully devour her exploding pussy.

Slowly, Cheryl’s body began to relax, and Thomas eased the pressure on her pussy. Pulling away from her clit, he nibbled gently at her lips. He licked softly up her slit, tasting her sweet moistness and inhaled deeply, savoring the delicious smell of her. He tried to be patient. But, he could wait no more. The beauty and maddening zeal of her orgasm was almost too much for him to handle. His cock had grown and hardened to the point that he felt it may actually split open. With both agility and strength, he lifted himself from where he knelt, and lifting Cheryl’s legs upward, thrust his hips to meet hers. In one smooth motion, his magnificently thick cock forced its way into her wetness, and they groaned together.

Although unexpected, Cheryl welcomed the intrusion eagerly. The sudden and complete filling of her still twitching pussy caused her to gasp, and she felt she was on the verge again. She grasped wildly at Thomas’s shoulders and back, wrapping her legs around him and pulling him into her. Thomas rocked his pelvis back and forth, forcing his cock slowly in and out of her. Cheryl’s orgasm had left her swollen and wet with every nerve in her pussy excited to the brink. Thomas’s slow deep strokes stimulated every square inch of her sensitive flesh. In return, Cheryl’s pussy swallowed him with a warm clenching embrace.

They moved like this for a while…staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Cheryl pulled at Thomas shoulders, occasionally digging into his skin with her fingernails. And Thomas, with one hand under Cheryl’s ass, pulled her up to meet his thrusts. Slowly, almost unnoticeably, Thomas increased his pace, bringing both of them closer and closer to the point of climax.

Outside, Clint worked the soil with his rake. He pushed it aggressively back and forth, breaking the clumps of dirt into fine loam. He could hear Cheryl’s moans of pleasure, and his mind twisted with the thought of Thomas fucking her. At once, he was furious at the situation, and still so very turned on by Cheryl’s cries of pleasure. He loved her so very much, and he knew her so well. He could tell by her breathing and the little noises she made how close she was to coming. He grew hard as he repeated to himself. “Very, very necessary.”

When she could take it no more, Cheryl cried out “Fuck me! Oh, fuck me!” Thomas paused for a moment, and Cheryl’s sparkling green eyes bore into him, agonizing at his delay. He kissed her deeply on the mouth, forcing his tongue between her lips. She sucked it feverishly for a moment, then pulled away. Tightening her legs around his waist, she pleaded into his ear once more…”Fuck me.” But before her request had fully escaped her lips, she felt him thrust fiercely into her. The one thrust followed quickly by another…and another…and another. Cheryl closed her eyes and bit at Thomas’s neck and shoulder as he pounded his thick cock into her. She cried aloud with every thrust, grasping and pulling at his body as she felt her orgasm begin to peak. Although she was desperate to come, she clenched her body tightly to hold off for just a few seconds longer. Increasing the tension of her orgasm higher and higher, she savored each savage thrust until she could hold on not one second more.

Screaming in delightful agony, Cheryl felt her body begin to spasm. It overtook her entirely, from deep within her womb to the very tips of her toes. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure crashed through her body as Thomas pounded into her. Finally, as she felt the last ache of blissful release, Cheryl felt Thomas’s hot come erupt deep inside her, and he collapsed between her thighs in exhaustion.


Cheryl awoke to a soft “tap, tap, tap” at the door. “Come in,” she said softly.

Clint peeked slowly around the door as it pushed open. He was relieved not to see Thomas. Cheryl smiled at her husband, “He’s gone,” she said.

“You okay?” Clint asked.

Cheryl was positively glowing. “Yeah, I’m good,” she responded. “You?”

“Fine…” Clint wasn’t totally convincing. “I finished weeding the vegetable garden,” Clint said as he sat beside her on the bed.

“Well, that’s good. It’s tough work in the afternoon sun.”

Clint gently brushed the loose curls from Cheryl’s face. “I love you,” he said quietly.

Cheryl pulled his hand to her lips and kissed it softly. “I love you, my husband.”

“Would you like some tea?” He stared into her sparkling eyes.

“Yes, please.” She replied with a smile.

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