Malin James Delivers in “Sybil’s Kink”

A short while back, the incomparable Malin James tweeted  an announcement that she had, available on her website,  a new piece of erotic flash fiction. I clicked the link and promptly saved it to read later via Pocket.  I then went about my busy schedule. After a few days, I finally laid eyes on this fabulous little piece. This is no unrefined porn, my friends. “Sybil’s Kink” is exquisitely written. It is sensual, erotic, and completely captivating. Ms. James masterfully pulled me into her story with the skill and artistry of a true professional. The effortless way in which she manipulated me was reminiscent of the subtle way in which Ernest Hemingway did the same as I read “The Old Man and the Sea.”

It may seem unbefitting to compare a piece of erotic flash fiction to what is possibly one of the greatest pieces of American literature to come out of the twentieth century. But the feeling that I had upon completing “Sybil’s Kink” is the same feeling that I had upon once again completing “The Old Man and the Sea” just this past summer. I was amazed at the beauty and the subtlety of the writing, almost to the point of giving up ever, again, writing anything myself.  I mean, what’s the point?

However, after licking my wounds and dusting myself off, I’ll take up the gauntlet, as, I’m sure will others. Oh, Ms. James, you have set the bar ever so high.