Just a little short, short something – The smell of her neck is intoxicating.

The smell of her neck is intoxicating.

The feel of her soft hair against my face drives me nearly mad. Her every touch entices me, increasing my hunger for her. It grows deep in my gut.  I can feel it gnawing at me.  It twists and knots from the pit of my stomach.

My heart races, and I begin to sweat. I  hear her soft moans in my ear, and I feel her warm breath against my skin.  The heat of her body engulfs me as her hips writhe against mine.  Her hands dig  into my shoulders as she pulls me to her.

The scent of her hair fills my lungs,  and her hand rubs hard against the front of my pants. I grab her soft round hips, pulling her closer—forcing her against me. The rough texture of her jeans gives way to the softness of the skin at the small of her back.  It feels smooth as I slip the tips of my fingers inside. I trace the delicate edge of her panties and growl in her ear.