Starting from Scratch


“Down the Rabbit Hole” has been available on Amazon for a while now…three weeks to be exact. I’m more than a little disappointed by its uptake. During that time I’ve had a grand total of TWO reads on Kindle Unlimited and ONE purchase with a review. These are all by people that I know, so they don’t really count. At least one of the KU readers won’t post a review because she shares her KU account with her mother and is embarrassed about reading “smutty” books.

Although the book definitely has a story and attempts to deal with some pretty serious subject matter, I can’t say that its placement into Amazon’s erotica category is wrong—it also has plenty of very explicit sex. However, Selena Kitt’s recent post about Pornocalypse 2015 would suggest that this is not a good way to get a book discovered. It won’t show up in standard searches and is more or less treated like Amazon’s dirty little secret (which brings them a hefty sum of cash by the way).

How does a book which could never  be considered ‘family friendly’ get discovered by potential readers? I don’t know the answer to that question. I feel that my writing is strong, but I have zero experience in literary promotion.

So, I’m submitting some short stories to a few anthologies put together by more established publishers, and I’m moving ahead with Volume 2 of The Basement Diaries. I’m also trying to get involved with online communities.

It’s all pretty tough when you are an unknown author especially if you’re using a pseudonym. I’m basically starting from ground zero with no friends, family, or social network to get things rolling. It’s like I was only born a few weeks ago.