Why write explicit depictions of sex?

“Why write explicit depictions of sex?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times. The short answer is, “I don’t really want to.” What I want to write are stories which speak the truth about the human experience. As it happens, sex is a pretty big part of that—a gigantic part actually. So, then the question becomes, “How do you write a story about the human experience without including depictions of sex?” Of course, it can be done. History is full of examples. Some skirt the issue, hiding behind innuendo and vagaries, others simply avoid the topic altogether.  The approach very much depends upon the social conventions of the day. I think I could do that, but I don’t think it would be honest writing. When I write about human relationships, when I’m really trying to dig into them and lay them bare, sex inevitably rears its head.

Maybe, it’s just me.