My Writing Style

I make no apologies. My writing often contains explicit depictions of sex and adult situations. But, you know what? I’m an adult, and I write for other adults. There are plenty of books available for young people and plenty of books written for older people who choose not to acknowledge that part of themselves. I write a different kind of story—one in which adults do adult things and behave in adult ways…usually.

I also try—I try very earnestly—to write interesting characters and put them in interesting situations. I try to write smart, sexy stories with compelling plots.

I like sex. No, scratch that. I fucking love sex, but I don’t usually write just straight sex. It’s almost always in the context of more complicated motivations.

Sometimes, I have to be very deliberate and reign myself in. My natural instinct is to write grand sentences with sophisticated punctuation. That’s not always the best way to describe a hot young coed getting plowed by her Chemistry professor. Sometimes, a story needs a little Charles Bukowski thrown in to keep it honest.